Classic Design · Modern Technology

Modern Hookah Vape

The Croasis vaping hookah is a next generation alternative to traditional hookah, designed to simulate the social pleasures of smoking shisha, without all the harmful chemicals found in tobacco and coal. We took current vaping technology, integrated it with a modern design, and input advanced features to give each individual user a unique vaping experience.

Croasis is made with only the highest quality materials and comes in five colors, including Dynasty, Mesmerize, Bliss, Shade and Avalanche. Match the Croasis Vape Hookah with your home decor or venue.

For Every Hookah Smoker

Multiple User Profile

Our advanced system allows multiple users to vape the unit at the same time. The currently in development hose allows each vaper to select their own flavor and strength completely independent to the person next to them, without the need to adjust the unit. 

  • Multi Flavor System

    Individualized Flavor and Power Settings for each Person on the Same Unit

  • Healthy Alternative

    No Harsh Coals or Tobacco

  • Safe and Easy to Use

    No Hot Coals and No Water Needed

  • Easy to Clean

    Removable Bowl Component

  • Finely Tuned Paths

    Convergent Airflow

100 Watts • 0.6 Ohm coils • Plug-in pass through • 4x 18650 Large Battery slots

Your Vaping Experience

Optimum Capabilities

  • Heats Up E-Liquid with Coils

    More Coils = Greater Vape Production

  • Longer Atomizer Life Span

    Longer Period Before Replacement

  • Houses Multiple Large Capacity Batteries

    Maximum Vape Time On-The-Go

  • Built to Last

    High Quality Materials that Handle Heavy Use

Five Unique Color Options for Your Unique Lifestyle

Color Options

Croasis Vape Hookah is

Croasis is looking to go into mass production, and needs your help. Purchase an early bird special of our Croasis Vape Hookah device through our IndieGoGo Campaign and receive amazing discounts!